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Colorado Department of Labor Make Significant Changes to Colorado Wage and Hour Law, effective in March 2020

Colorado Legislature Amends Colorado Wage Act, Effective January 1, 2020

What is Legal Tender under the Colorado Wage Act?

Tenth Circuit Analyzes Whether Medical Evidence Necessary to Establish ADA Protected Disability

Colorado Law on Employer Fraud in Hiring Process 

Colorado Department of Labor Proposes New Rule on Forfeiture of Accrued Vacation

New Colorado Law Limiting Employers' Right to Require Disclosure of Felony Convictions in Initial Application

DOL Adopts Final Rule Increasing Salary Threshold for White Collar Exemptions Under FLSA

Colorado Supreme Court Addresses Statute of Limitations Under the Colorado Wage Act

The Colorado Wage Act Encompasses More Than Just Traditional "Wages" And Extends to Many Forms of Compensation

May Individuals Be held Liable for a Corporations Payment Obligations Under the Colorado Wage Act

The Legality of Pay Secrecy Policies in Colorado

Colorado Law Requires Employers to Provide Access to Personnel Files

Colorado Supreme Court Upholds Termination for Positive Marijuana Test

FLSA Exemption for Commissioned Retail Sales Employees

Colorado Supreme Court Addresses Whether Non-Signator May Enforce Arbitration Provision

US District Court Evaluates Individual Liability Under FLSA

Vacation Policies Conditioning Payment Upon Termination and the Colorado Wage Act

United States Department of Labor Issues Final Rule For Minimum Salary Threshold For Exemptions From Overtime Under The Fair Labor Standards Act

When Are Commissions Earned And Not Subject To Forfeiture Under The Colorado Wage Act

Enforceability of Liquidated Damages Clauses in Physician Non-Compete Agreements

Colorado Appeals Court Addresses Whether Courts Required to Blue Pencil Non-Compete Agreements

Tenth Circuit Rules That FLSA Applies to Companies in Cannabis Industry

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