Recent Cases

Recent cases 

Recently representative cases 

Wright v. RES USA, LLC

Prevailed in arbitration and recovered $556,462.00 in severance pay and benefits to which CEO was entitled due to good reason resignation triggered by diminution in authority, duties and responsibilities.

Luoma v. DST Systems, Inc.

Recovered $528,000, plus attorneys’ fees and costs, in arbitration on behalf of executive who resigned from his employment for “Good Reason” due to diminution in his authority, duties and responsibilities.  

IHTT v. Vaughn

Successfully defended against breach of contract claims brought client and obtained favorable judgment on client’s claim for back wages under the Wage Act, recovering full back wages, full Wage Act penalty, and all attorneys’ fees and costs on behalf of client.

Kay v. InnovAge

Obtained favorable Arbitration Award after three (3) day hearing on behalf of former CIO against former employer on breach of contract and Colorado Wage Act claims, recovering full bonus, Wage Act penalties, attorney fees and costs.

Atlantic Building Systems, LLC v. Great Western Building Systems, LLC et al.

Obtained preliminary injunction against former executive and competing company he started to prevent continued competition in violation of employment agreement with non-competition provisions.

Aspiri v. LLP Legal Plans, Inc., and Legal Life Plans, Inc.

Obtained favorable judgment from U.S. District Court on behalf of former executive for $239,273.39, for unpaid salary, Colorado Wage Act penalties, and attorneys fees and costs.

Mielnicki v. Walmart Stores, Inc.

Obtained summary judgment and dismissal of ADA failure-to-accommodate claims asserted by former employee and successfully defended favorable ruling on appeal before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Millard v. Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc.

Obtained $350,000 jury verdict and judgment for individual client in Arapahoe County District Court on claims that client was discharged for lawful activities away from the workplace.

EEOC v. Nebco Evans

Obtained favorable jury verdict in class ADEA litigation in United States District Court for the District of Nebraska on behalf of class of applicants for truck driver positions. Jury found willful age discrimination in violation of ADEA. After the favorable judgment was obtained, the applicants were awarded about $769,000 in backpay, liquidated damages and interest.

Walker/Salazar v. RTD Board of Trustees

Obtained $216,000 judgment in United States District Court for District for the District of Colorado on claims that Board of Trustees improperly reduced clients’ pension benefits after their retirement. Also obtained upward adjustment in future benefits payable to clients. Favorable judgment was successfully defended on appeal.

Hendershot v. LGC Management, Inc.

Obtained $450,000 judgment for individual client in AAA arbitration in Denver, Colorado on harassment and retaliation claims under ADA and FMLA.

General Steel v. Chumley et. al.

Successfully defended and obtained favorable judgment after trial in non-compete litigation brought against individual client by his former employer.

Omedelena v. Denver Options et al.

Obtained $475,000 jury verdict and judgment for individual client against multiple Defendants in Denver District Court on claims that Defendants engaged in tortious interference with client’s prospective financial advantage. Successfully defended favorable judgment on appeal.

Penn v. Oakdale Gas

Obtained favorable jury verdict on behalf of Defendant Oakdale Gas in response to FLSA retaliation allegations after five (5) day jury trial in United States District Court for the District of Colorado. Plaintiff had demanded $500,000 prior to trial, but recovered no damages against Baird Quinn’s client.

Woods v. IHTT, Inc.

Obtained favorable verdict on breach of contract, Colorado Wage Act and abuse of process claims against client’s former employer, recovering $150,918 for lost commissions, other pecuniary losses, emotional distress and punitive damages. Baird Quinn also prevailed on all counterclaims asserted by former employer against client. Denver District Court awarded Baird Quinn attorneys’ fees and costs exceeding $100,000 incurred in prosecuting claims and defending counterclaims.

Johnson v. Kid's Auto

Obtained favorable jury verdict and recovered over $250,000 in Denver District Court on behalf of a mechanic employed by a Kid’s Auto dealership on allegations that he was discharged for refusing to perform an illegal act. After five (5) day jury trial, the Denver County jury awarded our cliient all actual damages, and punitive damages. Court also imposed monetary sanctions in excess of $30,000 for discovery abuses by the Defendant.

Gomez v. Sam's West, Inc.

Obtained summary judgment on all discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims asserted by employee against client under Title VII and the ADA.

Armstrong v. Steel City Building Solutions et al.

Baird Quinn obtains favorable judgment after four (4) day trial in Arapahoe County against all four (4) Defendants in non-compete, non-solicitation, breach of duty of loyalty, and misappropriation of trade secrets case, with verdicts of $220,601, $204,934, $136,470, and $34,241, plus attorneys’ fees and costs in the amount of $142,260.

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