Employment Contracts

Sales Commission, Contract Negotiation And Enforcement

We do not live in a world where parties can be expected to consistently live up to their to verbal commitments or promises with no more than a handshake. All too often, employers and employees believe that they understand, and have fully defined and addressed, the terms of an employment relationship, only to find after-the-fact that no enforceable employment contract exists or that the terms of the employment contract are different than they intended. This frequently occurs in matters involving the nature of the employment relationship – that is, whether the employment relationship is “at will,” as well as sales commission and other wage and compensation matters. In these circumstances, employers and employees often find themselves in expensive and time consuming breach of contract litigation that could have been avoided through a clearly drafted employment contract which defined the parties’ respective rights and obligations.

Baird Quinn LLC’s business and employment contract lawyers have significant experience negotiating and enforcing employment, sales commission, severance and separation agreements. Over the past two decades, our employment contract lawyers have negotiated employment contracts between businesses, employees (from Chief Executive Officers to sales representatives) and independent contractors in the telecommunications, technology, education, transportation, medical, industrial, defense and construction industries. While many believe that contracts are only for “executives” or other high level employees, they are now increasingly used for employees at all levels. As a result of our experience, our business litigation attorneys can provide valuable insight into the impact and enforceability of contract terms, such as mandatory arbitration agreements, fee shifting clauses, just cause termination provisions, at will clauses, non-competition, non-solicitation, and non-disclosure terms, non-disparagement sections, cooperation clauses, sales commission provisions, choice of law clauses, duty of loyalty agreements, severance pay terms, incentive compensation sections, red-line clauses, tax payment/indemnification provisions, and many others.

Baird Quinn LLC’s labor and employment lawyers understand that contracts must clearly express the parties’ intent and avoid ambiguities that can lead to expensive litigation. Our contract lawyers are skilled negotiators and drafters who understand that the difference of one word in a contract can have a dramatic impact on our clients’ rights and responsibilities. We regularly assist clients in developing and executing strategies for negotiating favorable and enforceable contract provisions. In the event contract terms are breached, our business litigation attorneys are also prepared to aggressively enforce our clients’ contractual rights in a cost effective manner.

If you require the evaluation, negotiation or litigation of an issue involving an employment contract, please contact our labor and employment lawyers for a consultation. You may go to the following link for contact information and additional information about our FLSA contract lawyers.